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International Business Lawyers salaries | Salaries of an International Business Lawyers

Salaries of an International Business Lawyers

International Business Lawyers salary
According to the field of the international business law, a lawyer, for example the law of the International Affairs and law, the law of the environment or term, this means that the salary information provided by the law firm to handle a specialization that you choose. Right of international affairs located in different areas, which may affect the salary, those lawyers.

Nationwide International Business Lawyers Average Salaries

The nationwide average salary for International Business Lawyers in the United States is $ 129440 per year, which is approximately $ 62.23 hours if a lawyer who works 2,080 hours per year. BLS, however, provides data showing that lawyers can earn less than $ 26.02 hours group 54130 dollars per year for full-time work. However, you can earn Top lawyers earn more than $ 80.00 per hour, which is more than $ 166440 per year.

Top Paying International Business Lawyers salary Industries

International business lawyer can be found in various sectors, including manufacturing, world-class shopping and electronic entertainment industry. According to BLS, pay lawyers more in some areas, such as the others, including the production of oil and coal. This industry can give annual salary of $ 208,410 per year. The tobacco industry is the second-highest paid industry lawyers, pay closer to $ 193,020 per year.

Top Paying States for International Business Lawyers salary

It also affects the physical location of the international business lawyer’s annual salary. While some Member States the highest salary per year that lawyers from BLS at $ 162830 per year, more than $ 155740 in California has the numbers to lead Colombia District Attorneys on the basis of the information. Delaware followed with $ 151750.

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